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Snetterton 300
25 July 2015 Round 7 Moto, Dtec, 1800, 1600


In view of a tight timetable and a very thorough drivers' briefing, it was a relief that everybody seemed to turn up for qualifying on time. Jason Timms appeared in his new Dallara, joining Jeremy Timms, while Il Patrone Graham Read looked on proprietorially as his own former car joined the Timms in the hands of Marc Fortune. These 3 made up the front of the grid, followed by Doncaster's finest, Ewen Sergison, and his acolyte Matt Walters. Geoff Fern took the lead of the 1600's followed by Eddie Guest.

The wet weather led to a number of spins, and a red flag shortened the session after a lap. As somebody said, Snetterton is unique in its complete absence of grip when wet. There were a few anomalies, with Dan Levy at the back having recorded no laps.


The rain stopped during the morning, but hopes of a dry race were dashed long before we went to the grid. As the reds went out, the start seemd clean enough, though Tony Gauntlett seemed a bit slow away. Jeremy Timms made a good start, and seemed to be establishing a lead when two cars went off in the same placeOggies; the first extracted itself, the second didn't. The red flags came out, and we all came round to the grid for a restart. The marshalls managed to reconstitute the grid rapidly and the race was reduced only by a lap. Thanks to the authorities for a user friendly approach.

Jeremy was again first away, but this time he felt under threat from Jason - "I had to up my game a bit" he said, while Jason replied "I let him get away because he's my cousin, I've won Moto before so I thought I would share." I know he was joking and I look forward to some cracking races.....Jeremy and Jason led the field home, with nearly a minute before the next car crossed the line. Marc Fortune had lined up 3rd on the grid, but a spin on lap 2 left hom with time to make up. He passed 6 cars in 3 laps to get behind Ewen Sergison, but Ewen's a tough man and even Marc couldn't dislodge him from a magnificanrt overall 3rd in his 1800 Swift. "Sergison Lite", aka Matt Walters, was a conssitemt 3 or 4 seconds per lap behind his mentor to bag an overall 5th and second 1800, while the first Jedi home was Craig Hurram, followed in by Moto fettler and conductor Jon Reed. Craig effectively maintained station from qualifying while JR had a few places to make up from 10th on the grid, including Mike Scott who, after being passed, hung on with tenacity to Jonathan, even managing a faster lap, to finsih a mere 2 seconds in arrears. Dan Levy started from the back, and but for a delay on lap 2 could well have finsished higher up. He had a great fight through the field and came across the line almost side by side with Mike. Staying with Moto for a minute, Kyle Cutts was next up, whilst Tony Gauntlett was thoroughly enjoying himself, reporting that he had spun twice, and getting used to ice racing, assisted by tyres which were rumoured to have bene new in a different century. Martin Wright meanwhile had a consistent run to 10th in class.

For the car engined classes, the drying track meant that apart from Ewen and Matt, the gentlemenly power delivery of their engines which gave good grid positiosn proved, in overall terms, their downfall in the race. Geoff Fern had exactly that race, though seemed to enjoy the dicing with the Moto cars, and kept well ahead of second in class man Eddie Guest. Eddie started from the back courtesy of a mysteriosu electrical fault, but passed all his class compatriots (Tony Cotton, Jock Sergison and John Hare) by the second lap, and went on to follow in 1800 man Philip Davies. who in turn was in the mirrors of 1800 3rd man, FF2000 driver Chris Levy. Doug McLay looked to have a good wet setup on his DTec, and managed to hassle Geoff Fern a few times, but finished as sole DTec, just behind Geoff. Completing the field was Tim Kuchel, a refugee from the Classic class, and a brave man to risk his lovely BT18 in such adverse conditions.

Surprisingly, in the variable conditions which started out as wet and ended as damp/drying, there were 21 finishers of 21 starters, Len Turner having been recovered from the first start spin and not taking the secoind start. A pretty impressive score, I think.

Tony Cotton

All pictures Norwich Photo, with thanks.

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Jeremy Timms leads Jason, in the background Ewen Sergison and Matt Walters. Scary tree behind.

Jon Reed and Doug McLay

Mike Scott and Geoff Fern

Craig Hurran and Marc Fortune

Philip Davis