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Snetterton 300
26 July 2015 Round 8 Moto, Dtec, 1800, 1600

Qualifying (Dry)

After a very wet Saturday it was a very pleasant start to the day Sunday and everyone had an opportunity to dust off the slicks that had been put away for the previous day.

Practise was pretty uneventful apart from Kyle Cutts in his Spead RM05 spinning on the exit to Murrays but luckily was able to continue on his way. Pole position was taken by Jeremy Timms with a dominant time of 1.49.642 with Jason 4.5 seconds behind. Anthony Gauntlett took a magnificent 3rd on the grid in the Jedi and told our co-ordinator “I just drove it like my kart!” Chris Levy took the 1800 class pole in his very well prepared RF83 closely followed by Matt Walters. It was a battle for the 1600 best time, Eddie Guest just made it although Geoff Fern’s car looked an absolute handful with a very loose backend. The group was joined by Tim Kuchel in his Brabham BT18 and Wayne Wilson in his Brabham BT21c.Wayne loved the dry running and decided to go home to Australia on a high - he decided against racing in the wet race. Len Turner had a misfire in which appeared to be a carb issue and retired.

Race (Wet)

Unfortunately the rain started about 2 hours before the afternoon race so at least the decision was an easy one as regards tyres!! As it happened the rain had almost stopped as we made our way to the assembly area but everything was well and truly soaked by then.

We had 4 non-starters for the race including Marc Fortune who had engine issues. Due to the changing conditions we had 2 green flag laps to see where all the puddles were and there were a lot!!!! As the lights went out Jeremy & Jason shot off hotly pursued by Matt Walters. Geoff Fern also had a phenomenal start going from 13th to 4th. Dan Levy was smoking on the grid but got away only to spin at Montreal, Ewan Sergison in his Swift also span trying to avoid Dan and ended up almost at the back of the field. Both managed to keep going, although after Dan’s 3rd spin of the race the Jedi said enough is enough and he was last seen parked at Oggies in the middle of the track, but luckily the chequered flag had just come out.

Jeremy and Jason continued to extend their lead. Anthony Gauntlett in his Jedi retired early with no grip, afterwards he explained that his tyres were about 15 years old so maybe not too surprising they didn’t work as hoped. Ewan having recovered from the earlier spin fought his way through the field eventually overtaking Matt Walters to take 1st in his class, Matt tried valiantly to keep up the flying Sergison but span on the last lap for his endeavours and bent the rear wing before continuing.. The Moto class was won by a brilliant drive by Jeremy 24 seconds ahead of Jason in 2nd and 3rd in class was Craig Hurran in his Jedi Mk IV. Ewan took the 1800 class but also 3rd overall which is a stunning achievement after his earlier spin, Matt was 2nd in the 1800 and 4th overall. Doug Mclay took the Dtec class and Geoff Fern the 1600’s with Eddie Guest taking 2nd in class.

Eddie Guest

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1st 3 of the grid in the assembley area.

Douglas McLay

1600 cup winners Geoff Fern & Eddie Guest