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The AGM and Dinner Dance is Coming!

30 January 2016

Members will undoubtedly be disappointed that we have been unable to hold the dinner on Valentine's Day again this year. ("Come, my beloved, I have a surprise for you" - how delighted the partners were to find a Monoposto Dinner in romantic Daventry.) The AGM and dinner have, of course, been announced on the website, but here we are able to add that those who attended last year had a great time; good food and wine with good company and lots of prizes to be presented.

The venue is:

Staverton Park Staverton, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 6JT

In case you missed it above the date is Saturday 30 January 2016.

AGM: All Welcome - Warwick and Conservatory
Coffee/Tea/Biscuits 2.00 pm (we take these from the refreshment station outside the room because they're free there. If we have them in the room they charge around £6 a head)

AGM 2.30 pm

Followed by Informal Discussion Forum

Please accept this posting as notice of the AGM. An agenda will be published closer to the event. Any matters for the agenda or the informal discussion should be sent to the secretary (click here).

Dinner & Awards Presentation: Ticket Only

Drinks 6.30 pm

Evening Dinner 7.30 pm

Awards Presentation 9.30 pm ("The Oscars come a poor second to this event. And after the Tiedeman Trophy class results I know a poor second when I see one." - Club Secretary,1600 class)

Disco 10.00 pm – 00.00 am

Tickets are £41.00 per head, please complete the attached form. Last year the event was very popular, and the venue was filled. Book now to avoid disappointment!!

Dress: Black Tie, or Lounge Suit for men.

Hotel Rooms
The room rate with bed and breakfast is: £72 (single occupancy) £86 (double occupancy) which is quite a hike on last year. You may wish to try (other websites are available) to try to get it cheaper.

Please make your room booking and room payment with the hotel directly, quoting: Monoposto Racing Club.
Tel: (+44) 01327 302001

The Hotel is holding rooms for the Club. Please note you must book your rooms by early January 2016 to be sure of being allocated one of these.

Staverton Park Hotel. 1980's architecture will never go out of style.

Last year's dinner tables.

A host of awards.

Startline asst ed pondered whether to put a picture of the Chairman, Steven, or "Sansa Stark off of Game of Thrones wot wos born in Staverton".