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Team celebration (1)

3 years on the trot for Robbie Watts in the very competitive 2000 class (subject to checks and formalities) is a great achievement for both Robbie and the team.

Can Lewis Hamilton Change a CV Joint Boot?

Eddie Guest (with support from Anne) can, and was grateful that Emma Cliffe spotted the snagged boot. One thing is certain, even if The Ham can change a boot, Rihanna wouldn't be there to hand it to him.

So, farewell (2)

Jock Sergison started in Mono in 1968 (so Ewen says) and has built many of the cars he's driven. This iteration of Highlander is one of the most distinctive, but Saturday's race was his last. Hopefully we'll see him as part of Avit's team. He was pleased to have left the sport with a championship place of 3rd.


Free Beer

Team Celebration (2)

Where was Avit?

Ewen Sergison wasn't at Oulton as he was racing Jim Blockley's F3 screamer Brabham BT21 at Castle Combe. It will probably not surprise anybody to know he led the first race. Unfortunately he fell victim to Quarry in race 2, with damage to the Brabham and Ewen. He hopes to be back for the Tiedeman at Donington and Monoposto wishes him well.

Tim Cameron

Those who have raced against Tim Cameron will recall his determined style. He's currently using the same determination while recovering in a specialist hospital from a major fall. Monoposto sends its best wishes.



Thanks to Ben Cater's sponsor Shard Capital for the prizegiving beer, even if Ben appears here to be trying to drink it all himself. UWR were pleased with their first season in Monoposto. They've been very friendly and presented a beautifully prepared and driven car, thanks to them all.


Jason and Jeremy Timms look pleased So does John Hare And Richard Gittings looks amazingly happy considering he's just vapourised an engine

So, farewell (1)

A last push back to the trailer for one of the prettiest cars in the paddock as Alistair Bell leaves the UK for Hong Kong, home of Cathay Pacific. Seen at Brands with a rather excellent picture supplied by Rodrigues Art Senato. Goodbye Alistair, we'll miss you. (Though if Mr Griffin can fly back and he doesn't get staff discounts......)


Monoposto IS the prize

We were grateful to Des Foley for letting us use his video of Oulton. What we didn't realise was that he was there as a prize - the blurb for it was as follows:

"Leastone racing cars and Finol oils have come together to nurture new talent in single seater racing in Ireland. Through the Finol oils star of tomorrow Formula VEE championship, we hope to help promote and open the Irish single seater racing championships to new up and coming novice drivers. The championship will be open to all novice car circuit racers who want to take the next step up in their career. The 2015 Finol Star of Tomorrow will enjoy an all-expenses paid weekend racing for the final two rounds of the UK Monoposto championship at the daunting Oulton Park circuit. The prize also includes a full days testing in the Leastone 1000 before the double header."





A Warning to Champions

We'll be asking class champions for a brief story. Please get thinking







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