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So, how was it for you? No 2 - Matt Walters

There can be few people who enjoy their racing more than Matt Walters. If I remember right, his first race at Anglesey was done with Asst Ed's helmet. Matt continues in his own words:

When did you start racing?
I started racing infrequently from 2011 onwards, probably two races (max) per season. 2015 was my first full season.

What previous success have you had?
Not very much being a newbie for quite some time, but I consider the rebuild of my Formula Vauxhall to be the first success.

Why did you decide to do Monoposto?
Monoposto more or less found me.  I bought a car (FVJ) not really knowing anything about them and where to race them, but itís one of the best risks I ever took!

What mods did you make to the car?
My Formula Ford underwent a total strip and rebuild prior to the season, but no major modifications were made other than wings (to make it prettier)!

Are there any others you would have liked to make?
My weight?  The CAR (not me) is 25kg over the limit, so clearly I need to be as lean as possible in order to get as close to the class target!

Which was your most enjoyable race?
Cadwell Park 2015, for the reason being that after starting on pole, then immediately giving the lead away due to a gear selection problem putting me flat last, even behind the course ambulance, then to charge back and take the win with a decent lead on the last lap will always be a great memory for me and the team!

Any real disappointments this year?
Donington GP was disappointing.  After a great battle with Martin Short and keeping 2nd place behind that Sergison bloke, only to lose my hard earned place spinning on the Melbourne loop on the last lap due to a competitors engine blowing leaving an oil patch on the circuit.

Is there anybody you especially enjoy racing / beating?
My battles with John Whitbourn are a great series of memories for me, and still raise a smile today when watching the go-pro footage.  Although leading that Sergison bloke at Snetterton in the wet for quite a few laps comes a close second Ė Iíll never forget the look on Matt Jordanís face stood on the pit wall as he was egging me on each lap!

Would you have done anything different?
No, even with its ups and downs I enjoyed every single moment of the season.

Which is your favourite circuit and why?
Iíll always have a soft spot for Donington due to always having reasonable success there, however Silverstone GP stood out as a great circuit too.

Favourite corner?
Craner curves of course!

How big is your team on the day?
Two people usually, a mechanic (a.k.a Pod or Whitey) and a female fan (anyone thatís daft enough to want to spend time with me), although we have a mascot in the form of the team Staffordshire Terrier called Nicola that pops along! J

Do you work on the car yourself or get somebody else to do it?
Generally itís myself that does the work, but that Sergison bloke often helps with tools, parts-sourcing, and advice from time to time (most of the time in fact).

Are you glad you did Mono?
A big fat 110% YES!

Would you like to race anything else? (Within Mono, or any other series whatsoever, budget no limits.)
Having made the transition from 1600 to 1800 and preferring the Formula Ford, Iíll be sticking with that a while longer before thinking of changing.  It will always have to be single seater based however, tin-tops donít really do it for me.  And modern F1 really doesnít interest me either, so if budget is no problem, Iíd love a go in a late 80ís / early 90ís F1, Iím not fussy which team though!

How do you get ready for a race - do you psyche yourself up or calm yourself down?
Iím usually knackered from the week prior to a race and prepping for the weekend so usually fall asleep in the cockpit in the assembly area!  But seriously, I tend to just control my breathing and think of the start of the race.

In the cockpit of a Virgin 747-400. (apparently when Matt is flying them,  maintenance will be done by Avit Air Services.)
What do you do as a day job?
Iím a Construction Project Manager by day, although a change to the Airline industry is only a matter of time once my pilot's licence is complete.

Matt Walters

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