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JMT Mono Championship Rounds 3 and 4
CADWELL PARK 28 April 2016
1600 1800 Moto 1000 Moto 1400

The entry was a bit disappointing in size, whether the one day format had put people off, the perceived distance of Cadwell from home, or even the perceived paddock chaos. Happily the last was a great improvement over my own recollection of a few years ago and the overall atmosphere seemed to be happy.

Entry and Qualifying

Jason Timms took pole while Jeremy had a chain problem which was just rectified before the race and qualified third, leaving the always rapid and always smiling Richard Gittings in second, flying the Jedi flag. Geoff Fern led the car engined folk in the sole 1600, ahead of Doug McLay in his 1800 class Duratec, which seemed to be suffering electrical gremlins. Peter Lague apepared in his ex-Jason Timms Speads, but after a few electrical issues in Saturday practice found a lack of compression put him out after qualifying. Phil Davies had the RF98 back to race order after the pitwall excursion at Outlon. He arrived with just 30 minutes to spare after an all-nighter to get the car ready.

2 absent cars were the DSE, which John Kirby is currently developing, and the much anticipated Kevin Mason-built Dallara, this time in the hands of Lou Watts.

Race 1

Richard made a good start and led into Coppice from the Timms. There was quite a gap to the rest of the field when they reappeared at Mansfield, Richard with a strong lead and Jason just a car length ahead of Jeremy. It all went wrong for Jay when he spun coming off the Mountain, dropping tom the back of the field and making for a spectator pleasing Hamilton-like charge through the field (though without the self righteousness). There was a substantial gap to third, but then Craig Hurran, Jon Reed, Mark Crawford and Dan Levy came by in that well known vehicle, the Multi-Jedi. One car, 16 wheels, 4 drivers, fantastic entertainment.

Richard kept his 3 second lead for a while, but by lap 5 Jeremy was right on his tail. "I'm not sure where he suddenly appeared from", said Richard. As they approached to lap a car on Park Straight, the lappee correctly held his line. Jeremy chose the correct answer and nipped by, Richard was put into second. "I thought of slinging an anchor out of the car at him as the only way to stop him but I couldn't find one" But it wasn't over because the chain repair to Jeremy's car hadn't been as thorough as JT would have liked, due to the time pressures of the day. The chain gave way with sprocket damage and Jeremy was out 2 laps from the end for Richard to have a superb victory.

Meanwhile Jason set off on a quest. Quickly disposing of all but the Fab Four Jedis, he approached Dan levy first. "I hadn't realised he'd gone off and thought I was being lapped, so got out of the way. By lap 6 only Craig was left and Jason got past him on lap 6. Thereafter he kept pushing and finsihed well behind Richard, but 15 seconds ahead of the group of 1000's. To be honest, any description of their race won't do it justice. Suffice it to say they circulated as one, swapping places, but always cleanly, always looking out for each other and lapping cleanly. Mark Crawford, joining us from Northern Ireland, withdrew on lap 6 with a puzzling fuel pickup issue. Dan Levy triumphed for 3rd on the podium and told me "That was proper racing! It was difficult to overtake Jon Reed as the track is so narrow, but the car felt quick in the corners and I think that helped me." The end result was Dan, Jon and Craig, and a load of breathless spectators.

Kyle Cutts didn't have a fight for class position, but that didn't mean he didn't have a race. Oh no. He and Geoff Fern fought it out all the way along, Geoff passing once on the Mountain after Kyle seemed to miss a gear, but Kyle repassed around Coppice, Geoff taking the lead again round the back. The process just went on, and on. Again, clean exciting racing, which ended with Kyle ahead at the end. Naturally, Geoff took 1600 honours.

Martin Wright started dicing with Len Turner, but pulled away and set off after David Jones, passing him and drawing away. Although the Dallara bears allegiance to Marc Fortune, Martin seems to have taken very naturally to it. It bore him to secoind in the 1400 class, while his adversary David Jones took the 1800 spoils after Doug McLay pulled off at the Gooseneck. Len Turner completed the 1000 class while Phil Davies was delighted that the hard work had its reward and he had a reliable finsih for second 1800.

After the disappointments at Oulton, Monoposto responded in the best way possible - a great race.

Race 2

With transmission concerns to the fore, both of the JTs had a slightly tardy start, leaving Jon Reed to take the battle to Richard Gittings. They flew side by side into Coppice, with Richard taking teh lead. When the cars reappeared, Richard had another of his "I don't believe it!" leads, followed by Jason tight on Jon, and then Jeremy and Mark with Dan slightly behind. Craig sadly dropped out despite a decent start. There was an oil flag displayed on Park Straight, I hope my deductions are wrong. On lap 2, Jason's engine note rose as he changed for the left into the Mountain but the car slowed; presumably a broken chain. Jeremy passed Jon into Coppice but then mysteriously disappeared - I understand from Patrick Huston that he had an off in the Hall Bends - and reappeared at the back. Shades of Jason in race 1. He made up places but the off took its toll and the Dallara, which was showing signs of smoke on the left rear and got a Black/Orange mechanical warning flag, retired on lap 7.

While Richard proceeded serenely (not a word usually associated with a Jedi - ed) to victory, Jon and Mark and Dan (very slightly further back) fought for second, which Jon took with an eventual 2 second lead over Mark and 15 seconds over Dan. Kyle Cutts and Geoff Fern resumed their very entertaining battle until on lap 7 Kyle heard "bad noises in the engine" and pulled off leaving Geoff overall fifth and car engine winner. Martin Wright, David Jones, Len Turner and Philip Davies completed the finshers.

Phil Davies was happy just to get there! Mrs Timms fixes Jeremy's car. I've been looking for a woman like that all my life.... Race 2 and Jeremy parks up... Race 2 and Jason parks up.....
Jon was happy - Andrew Cliffe shows he can photobomb as well as he takes pics Mark Crawford Len Turner Martin Wright



Tony Cotton

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Race 1 sets offJason Timms at the MountainCraig Hurran leads Jon ReedJeremy Timms sniffs Richard GittingsAt this point, Geoff Fern leads Kyle Cutts2345 really were this close together at one point

David Jones