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Raceparts FHR and Rain Light Offer

Matt Wright of Raceparts ( has offered the following discounts on the essential rain lights and FHR ("HANS Devices").

"To help your members take advantage of this offer there is a promo code available to use on our website.  If they type in 'monopostolight' into the promo code box on the shopping basket screen the offer will be applied.  This brings the price down from 92.50 to 72.15 plus VAT.  This offer is only available until the weekend of the first round of the championship.  They will also get free carriage (until the end of Feb). 

I've also set up a promo code for HANS devices for your members.  A 10% discount is applied to the following products when they enter the promo code 'monopostohans':

         Hans Sport II

         Hans Adjustable

         Hans Pro Ultra

         Schroth XLT

         Schroth Pro

         Schroth Super Sport XLT

There is an explanation of the different HANS devices available in our 'Technical' section to make it easier to select the right one.

 The free carriage is still available on the website but will be going soon.  Members can get discount by calling through with the order as well if they prefer."

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