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Postcard from Race Retro
Stoneleigh Park 26-28 February 2016

Based on a Friday visit Race Retro continues in its traditional role of seasonal wake up call for historic and club racers, but, as I said in my report from the Autosport International, club racing and historic racing are increasingly becoming the same thing. To illustrate my point, when I started competing in a single seater in 1984, it was a real historic car - a 32 year old single cylinder 500.  Last season I competed against  a 1984  Reynard FF84, a 1982 Lola and was on the track at the same as an RT3 - 32 years old. Yet they're regarded, rightly, as modern cars because they can still give their modern brethren a good run for their money. And so Race Retro is a reasonable place for us to have a stand. There are other reasons too. I spoke to a very nice lady promoting another Live Promotions event, the Peterborough Classic Bike Show. Her other job was to sell advance tickets for Race Retro and she told me the demographic - an average age of 51, 95% male and predominantly London based. Apart from the London part, that's pretty close to our membership. We're maybe a bit younger on average, but it's close enough that being at Race Retro is definitely worthwhile.

Highlights of the show for me were the Williams cars (already seen at Autosport but still very welcome and very approachable), the Henri Toivonen tribute, and the Jensens. More of these later. And whilst I say so every year, the best part of the show is the people, seeing old friends and renewing old acquaintances. I usually drop into the Motorsport Magazine stand as I get a free cup of tea and they're nice people. This year there was a special reason, to ask about the health of the legendary Nigel Roebuck. He was in ICU for a while, with a major heart problem but has now had the required op and is convalescing, expecting to be out of hospital soon. The staff at Motorsport are supposed to be stopping him writing until he's fully recovered. The way F1 is going, his blood pressure will rise every time he thinks about the "pinnacle" of our sport.

As always, many thanks to those who manned the stand.

Tony Cotton

Monoposto stand with cars from Nick Harrison, Jon Reed and Alistair Bell

Damon Hill spent most of Sunday signing autographs and talking on the Williams stand

Above and left pics by John Fox with thanks.

The stand on Friday

Ex-Mono man Rob Manger is now at PowerLite, and had an interesting lightweight alternator

Remember when the BAR Hondas were dreadful and poor Button droned round in uncompetitive equipment? How times change. Car is now historic.

Midland Automobile Club, our entry managers and processors, and also our sponsors for Driver of the Day, had a lovely Brabham on show.

Cheshire Classic Cars had a Lotus 102. They thought people might get fed up of seeing one of their Miuras. Yeah, right.

FW13B, 1990

FW17, 1995

FW18, 1996

Interesting contrast of Anglias - fairly recognisable....

...and fairly special saloon.

911 on Henri Toivonen tribute

Talbot Sunbeam Lotus on Toivonen tribute

British Motor Museum (the relaunched Gaydon) showed Rover BRM which had under 200bhp and a corduroy cockpit. Nice.

Eric Morecambe's Jensen Interceptor in entrance lobby (the one he was driving when he had his first heart attack)

Jensen International Automotive offered a rebuilt, updated Chevy LS3 powered Interceptor. Still with the much admired Vignale shape unsullied. Around £180k depending on spec.

Talking of V8s, here's a racing Cadillac.

500 Owners Association showed their 1950's trailblazing rear engined single seaters. Their chairman is Charles Reynolds, of Mark 2 Escort fame. (He literally wrote the book.)

A delightful 1930's Sunbeam

A kit was available to fit a Hayabusa into your Issigonis Mini

Cox GTM rally car was Mini based.

The Chrysler Avenger was always bridesmaid to the Escort

Attractive diorama on a stand for a club devoted solely to models of Lotus cars.

The straight eight Leyland Thomas special illustrated the Chateu Impney hillclimb. It was long.

HB Bearings had an interesting display of their bearings and offered a bespoke service.

Stand 21 had an amusing novelty racesuit made up as a DJ

Graffiti artists get everywhere these days.....

"Modern" 3 Wheel Morgans seem to have the strangest livery

A helmet painting service had some dramatic designs

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