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JMT Mono Championship Rounds 7 and 8

Unfortunately we had no presence at Silverstone, so here is a brief summary. Any further information to asst ed would be welcomed.

Race 1

Robbie Watts again had a grid to flag victory in F3. Likely challenger Tony Bishop withdrew fairly terminally after 1 lap leaving Ben Cater to pursue Robbie to second, with the third step taken by Chris Hodgen after Daniel Hands had held the place for 16 of the 17 laps. Chris Davidson passed Simon Tate for 5th mid race, James Rimmer having been another member of this close group.

Mark Drew, Terry Clark and Kevin Otway qualified in that order in 2000, and initially had some close racing until Mark and Terry broke away. Terry took the lead on lap 10 and held it to the flag. Mat Jordan slotted into 4th with returnee Mark Smith in 5th.

In Classic, Will McAteer qualified on class pole but had a real battle on his hands with Chris Lord, winning the class by less tha a quarter second. Nick Catanzaro brought the trusty FVL into third.

Race 2

In a slight variation from the norm, this was a 20 minute race, though with the same result as Saturday's for the podium. Behind Robbie, Ben and Chris, James Rimmer took 4th from Chris Davison in 5th, with Simon Tate just in arrears. However, this wasn't the full story as Daniel Hands ran second until lap 12 when Ben deposed him. At this point he started dropping back, retiring after 16 laps.

In 2000, Mat Jordan took an initial lead, while class pole Kevin Otway was demoted 4 places. By laop 3, Kevin was on Mat's tail, and on lap 7 he pounced for the lead, which he hed to the end. Mark Drew then moved up, and finally Mark Smith for the third step.

After his troubles on Saturday, Peter Whitmore took Classic pole, but had a nightmare first lap, dropping to the back of the field. Chris Lord took advantage and sailed to a win, while Peter recovered and looked to have second in the bag as Will McAteer and Nick Catanzaro fought away. Then a lap from the end, Will passed Peter for second.

Our Man on The Spot with the Notebook Velcro'd to his Steering Wheel (Ben Cater) adds "The GT cars ran before the Mono F3 / Classic and left the circuit covered in "marbles" off line. I don't know how many people this affected in our race, but it certainly affected me! Having lost a place on the start to Chris H, I was keen to get him back and give Robbie a run for his money, and so I went deep on the entry into Maggots to try to get a better run out the exit and down the Wellington straight. Sadly the marbles had greased the track and I spun halfway round the corner. I'd like to say how grateful I am to the skill of my fellow Monoposties that no one collected me and I was able to carry on and get from 15th to 2nd with my car in one piece. I'll try to put the video on YouTube since there is are 2 separate groups of cars that went past me 3 abreast at just about the apex of the corner!"


Disclaimer: The above represents only the unofficial view of the writer and not of the Monoposto Racing Club in any way whatsover. .