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JMT Mono Championship Rounds 7 and 8
Moto 1000, Moto1400, 1600 and 1800

Unfortunately we had no presence at Silverstone, so here is a brief summary. Any further information to asst ed would be welcomed.

Race 1

In accordance with the Big Book of Monoposto Races, Jeremy Timms took pole but was beaten away when the lights went out, this time by welcome returnee Chris Woodhouse in the familiar but successful Speads. After 2 lapsand a few place swaps, Jeremy took the lead, and held it to the end with Chris in second, but winning 1000. "The engine was rattling when we pulled in which is why I didn't race Sunday, but I enjoyed the battle with Jeremy", said Chris. Jon Reedtook an initial 3rd, but dropped down leaving fellow Jedi-ist Tony Guntlett in 3rd spot, albeit one which was chased very closely by messrs Hurran, Gordon-Colebrooke and Reed.

Doug McLay beat Phil Davis to the 1800 top step, while Eddie Guest triumphed in 1600 over newcomer James Gordon-Colebrooke (Andrew's dad) in the ex-D. Parkinson Reynard.

Geoff Fern was unfortunately out after a clip with Chris Woodhouse. Sympathy to Peter Lague after the Brands incident rebuild, he lost oil pressure and the engine caught fire. You deserve some good luck Peter.

Race 2

This experimental 20 minute race was initially led by Jon Reed, with Jeremy taking the lead after 2 laps. There then developed a staggering battle for second and 1000 crown between Jon and Craig Hurran. Scarcely ever more than half a second apart, the class victory went to Craig, and the crowd finally breathed out after 20 minutes. Tony Gauntlett and Andrew G-C were next, Kyle Cutts and Len Turner completing the 1000 class.

Despite a 10 second out of position penalty, Phil Davis turned the tables on Doug McLay to win 1800. Geoff Fern and Doug had another battle royal, albeit inter-class, with Geoff winning 1600. A similar inter class battle left Eddie Guest second in 1600, just beating David Jones in 1800. James G-C clearly had a pit visit as he was 6 laps down, while poor Martin Wright had another DNF.


Disclaimer: The above represents only the unofficial view of the writer and not of the Monoposto Racing Club in any way whatsover. .