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Tiedeman Trophy 2016 – A Personal View

Mark Smith, Director with Tiedeman Portfolio, sings the praises of a low key series where fun is the watchword

A few years back, the Monoposto Club instigated a winter series, latterly a championship and named it after one of its most illustrious founders, Frank Tiedeman. Despite my personal aversion to the cold and the wet, the championship has proved to be very successful and popular with a lot of drivers, tougher than myself.

Although the technical regulations are common to both the main championship and the Tiedeman Trophy, (with the addition of a 2 litre Invitation Class in the Tiedeman) the latter championship runs on a single grid with all classes running together. In my opinion, this format produces some excellent racing, for both drivers and spectators – I have heard several observers likening it to 'Formula Libre' (some of our younger readers may need to look that up on Google).*

Tiedeman Trophy events are run over a single day, with qualifying and two 15 minute races. A lot of people prefer this format, with reduced costs of staying overnight and less disruption to all-important family life. For 2016, the Monoposto race committee have taken the decision to run the 8 round Tiedeman Trophy championship alongside the main championship, starting in June and running through to a final event in October.

So, what is the attraction of the Tiedeman Trophy championship ?

I see it as a chance to race in a potentially less pressured environment, perhaps a chance to try out a new car, or modifications, away from the white heat of competition within the main championship. As a soft Midlander, the move to a number of dates in the summer only enhances the appeal.

The choice of Tiedeman venues aims to be a mix of old favorites and a few places we don't visit all that often. Mallory and Donington always produce good close racing, Rockingham allows us to play out our 'Days of Thunder' fantasies and I can't think of anything clever to say about Croft, although it is a beautiful circuit and the bacon baps are worth the trip.

Entry forms are now available for the 2016 Tiedeman, with a useful discount if you do all the 8 rounds, so I look forward to seeing you at the first round - please do give me a cheery wave when you lap me!

Mark Smith

* One of our older members remembers seeing a Libre race at Mallory around 1982 where Albert Obrist in a McLaren M26(?) was blown off by Major Bob Birrell in an F3 Argo. And the MAC ran a couple of Libre races at Pembrey in the 1990's where former Chairman Nick Harrison was CoC, and without the aid of hallucinogens, spectators saw Monoposto Jedi pilot Tim Cameron pass a Leyton House F3000 car in a Getem FF1600.

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"Despite my personal aversion to the cold and wet..."

"The white heat of competition within the main championship"

An Bacon Bap, yesterday, courtesy of the Grauniad where they really prefer organic muesli and, like Grauniad reading asst ed, only eat bacon baps to be ironic. Right. Yeah. Yummm.