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Technical Articles

It has been suggested that some of the "how to" articles we've carried are too good to be lost, so we will carry this page as an index. It will be updated when we carry more tech articles. If you have a recollection of a technical article which isn't listed here, please email us and we will add it.

Gears - Part Two What ratios should you have in the box? Why not have William Hewland explain how to use a ratio chart?

Gears - Part One We have been asked to put the excellent William Hewland article on quick, low-wear gearchanging where it can be easily accessed.

The BLACK art, or how to get the best from your race tyres ! Paul Smith of BMTR gives some advice

Corner Weights Dermot Healy, in an article we have adapted from the forum, explains why and how.

Flags A bit of winter homework with the MSA's take on flags, and links to a site which tells you what they REALLY mean (The link is the key piece here).

HANS Devices Geoff Fern wrote about his Mallory accident on the forum. If you didn't read it, it is repeated here.

Racing Clutches - What did they ever do for us? Part 2 Tony Tewson explains clutch materials

Racing Clutches - What did they ever do for us? Part1 Tony Tewson of 2009 sponsors Superclutch explains how a clutch affects performance.

A Fuel Monograph Martin Cliffe goes into fascinating detail on fuel and ends controversially.

Buying an Open Trailer Adapted from Dermot Healy's forum piece.Untold years of experience distilled in one article.

Springs The late Allan Staniforth's article on calculating spring and wheel rates, with the kind permission of the editor of "Speedscene".

Disclaimer: The Club accepts no responsibility for the results of anybody following the advice within these articles.